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Boosting Female Sex Drive

Enhancement of a Decreased Sex Drive Through All-Natural Herbal Supplements

August 22, 2010 | Myra Lindemulder, Guest Contributor - Pillsreview.com

With so many supplements that claim to help increase your sex drive, it can be difficult to figure out which one is the most effective.
Feeling better about your sex life, looking and acting sexier and increasing your libido may be easier than you think.

Over the last few years the media has been ablaze with products that have been proven to increase the male sex drive and offer men a 'foolproof' path to arousal for intercourse - and everyone agrees that the 'little blue pill' is highly effective. But what about women? Despite the avalanche of media attention the male libido has recieved, very little appears that is focused toward increasing the female sex drive.

And for women, the lack of sex drive is complicated, often misunderstood and can be devastating in a relationship. Without proper communication and understanding, your partner could become dissatisfied and suspicious - leaving you feel like you've done something wrong (and you haven't!).

As a response to this problem, some new products have recently appeared on the market to attempt to combat the epidemic of decreased female libido. But marketing is often deceptive, and despite their claims - it can be difficult to determine if these products actually work.

The Real Deal About Your Sex Drive...

It's no secret - women today lead more stressful and more complex lives than ever before. And often, the overwhelming responsibility and stress that arises from daily life takes a toll - and destroys your sexual desire. In fact, when polled, women overwhelmingly indicated three reasons for decreased sex drive in relationships - 1) Intense Responsibility / Stress, 2) Vaginal Dryness, and 3) Weak/no orgasms during intercourse.

But (of course) just become the problem is understood - it is not always easy to correct. After all, you can't magically decrease stress levels - or magically improve your orgasms by studying literature. And even if you could, the responsibilities of life would most likely prevent you from doing so.

A simple and very effective method to overcome some of these obstacles is through physical exercise. Exercise is proven to lead to increased well being, overall heath and improved self image. But it's not always enough - or possible with our busy lives.

The Science - Compounds that Help Increase Your Sex Drive

There are dozens of supporting articles in scientific and medical literature that have demonstrated effective herbal solutions towards the three 'primary' causes of decreased sex drive listed above - and by approaching each one separately one can formulate an effective 'overall' solution to improve your sex drive. These are:

A supplement that offers a combination of these ingredients offers an easy and effective path to improvement of sexual desire.

Additionally, there has been a large amount of success reported with women improving their sexual experience by using 'sensitizing' creams prior to intercourse. These creams lubricate and provide increased pleasure during sex to improve the quality and frequency of orgasms. If you find these to be your two biggest concerns - a sensitizing cream could be an effective solution.

Purchasing Products - What to Check For

In general, when you purchase any herbal supplement, I believe there are three items that you should verify (before making a purchase) to ensure that you're getting a safe and effective product.

List of Sex Drive Increasing Supplements and Sensitizing Creams

Although there are a number of products currently available that claim to improve female sex drive, I have found that very few meet the requirements outlined above. To date, I have found only 2 supplements that I can reccomend for use - and I have also included an effective sensitizing cream as well.

It is important to note that although the brand names differ, the two products each have a combination of ingredients that are proven to be effective - I cannot reccomend one over the other. They do differ slightly in their makeup, but they both contain effective ingreditents.

Category Libido Supplement Libido Supplement Sensitizing Cream
Manufacturer Leading Edge Marabou Herbals Leading Edge
Cost Per Use $1.22 $1.20 $1.66
Shipping USPS: $10.00
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UPS: $19.99
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Independant Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Medical Approval Yes Yes Yes
Guarantee 60 Days 180 Days 60 Days
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Overall, when preparing this report, I have discovered that other than the supplements I have listed above - there are a lot of knock-off products produced offshore that seem to have no real Hoodia in them (and could be potentially harmful). If you see a product that I haven't listed here - be sure that you can verify the country of manufacture / product source and claims before E-Mailing me about it.

As always - please be healthy, well and have fun with your new smaller weight.

- Myra

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