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'Pumping Up' Your Ejaculate Amounts With All-Natural Supplements

July 21, 2013 | Roger Simpson,

With so many supplements that increase your semen volume on the market, which one should you choose?
Increasing your semen volume is easier than you might think. Your semen volume can be enhanced by supplements that are formulated to dramatically increase semenal fluid production and deliver stronger, longer lasting orgasms.

If you've watched an adult video, no doubt you've probably been impressed by the enormous volume of semen that the guys can produce during the scenes. Like me, this has probably stuck into your mind as a fantasy - being a Superman who is able to drench your partner with an enormous amount of ejaculate during orgasm.

And we are not alone in this - A scientific study has proven that as a portion of their sexual satisfaction, women innately prefer to have sex with partners who can produce larger amounts of semen.

So wanting to increase the volume of semen produced during an orgasm is a natural (and intelligent) desire. But how can you do it? There are three methods that can help - the first two having a small effect and the third a more dramatic one.

The Science - Supplements that Increase Semen Volume

Scientific studies have proven that large semen and sperm volume increases, as well as fertility improvement (even among patients with lower sperm counts or sperm motility issues) arise with the aid of certain natural herbs.

Even more specifically, Solidin, l-Arganine or Cernitin / ku Gua have been positively linked to increase the blood flow to the penis and testicles, thus improving the production of your sperm and causing an increase in overall seminal volume. Taking supplements that contain these is a good way to boost up the size of your ejaculations.

Three Tips toward 'Bigger Loads'

The first thing you should do is drink more water. The more excess fluid your body has stored, the more it can use to produce semen. Someone who is dehydrated doesn't have this "reserve" of fluid and will simply ejaculate slightly less volume.

The second tip is to ejaculate often. The more often you ejaculate, the quicker your body will replenish the fluid to use as semen - and thus allow you to produce marginally larger volumes more often. Masturbating several times per day on your "off days" will cause your body to constantly be replenishing itself - and thus always have a large amount of semen available for sex.

Finally (and most importantly), taking supplements which contain the natural compounds that have been proven to have an effect on the volume of semen - you will see a drastic increase in the volume of semen you can produce.

Supplements - What to Check For

In my opinion there are three things a supplement must match up with in order to be considered an effective product to increase the volume of your ejaculate:

List of Effective Supplements

There are a number of products currently available that claim to increase the volume of your semen, however there are only three brands of supplements that I have found which meet the requirements I have listed above and I can reccomend for use.

Although the brand names differ, these products all contain the key ingredients necessary to effectively increase the volume of semen. They may differ somewhat in their makeup, but the net effect is the same. Increased blood flow, virility and thus volume of semen.


Volume Pills

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Overall, when preparing this report, I have discovered that other than the products I have listed above - there are a lot of knock-offs produced offshore in foreign countries on the market that seem to have no real benefit (and are potentially harmful). If you see a product that I haven't listed here - be sure that you can verify the country of manufacture / product source and claims.

And as always - please be safe during sex, and enjoy pumping out those giant loads.

- Rog

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